Top 4 Movies like The Hunger (1997)

Movies similar to The Hunger (1997): Masters of Horror, The Hunger, The Outer Limits, Hammer House of Horror.

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Masters of Horror 2005
Masters of Horror (2005)

Anchor Bay has amassed some of the greatest horror film writers and directors to bring to you the anthology series, "Masters of Horror". For the first time the foremost names in the horror ... See full summary »

The Hunger 1983
The Hunger (1983)

The Egyptian vampire lady Miriam subsists upon the blood of her lovers. In return the guys or girls don't age... until Miriam has enough of them. Unfortunately that's currently the case ... See full summary »

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The Outer Limits (1995)

A modern revival of the classic eponymous 1960s sci-fi horror anthology show. Episodes often have twist-endings and involve aliens. Sometimes, story from one episode continues in a later episode.

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Hammer House of Horror (1980)

This British anthology series, which was produced by England's leading exporters of horror films, told tales of haunted houses, demons, ghosts and other supernatural wonders.