Top 5 quotes from Stranded (2001)

Quotes from movie Stranded (2001)
Jenny Johnson:
You mean to say your enormous talent, your amazing intelligence, can't find any other solution than for us to die f*cking?... Here's my plan... I'll get into my pressurized suit and go outside to see if I can locate the leak... You can stay here inside and masturbate until you die of dehaydration!
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News Reporter:
It's 298 days since the first manned mission to Mars left the Alpha International Space Station. The spaceship Aries and her crew of 7 men and women from different nations are now going into orbit around the red planet.
Susana Sánchez:
The untamed beauty of Mars, it's icy indifference, took our breath away. We were the first creatures ever to set foot on that alien terrain. Three white creatures from another world. A mere anecdote in the midst of a red desolation.
Susana Sánchez:
Fidel, Herbert, and I... we'll go outside for a walk.
Fidel Rodrigo:
It's a realistic way of putting it Susana.
Fidel Rodrigo:
I was crazy enough to lie, but I'm intelligent enough to have done it without being caught.