Top 3 quotes from Robinson Crusoe (1997)

Quotes from movie Robinson Crusoe (1997)
[first lines]

Daniel Defoe:
I am a journalist Robert, I assure you. I have very little interest in your flights of fancy.
You Daniel Defoe are a writer. It's your destiny as such to bring this remarkable man's story, a story of intense struggle, extraordinary friendship, and undying love to the world.
Robinson Crusoe:
In my studies I had come to learn of religious wars that had plagued mankind since the beginning of time. But how sad I thought that in this universe of two, religion had sparked our own war. Something had to be done.
[mourning the loss of Crusoe's dog, Skipper]

Man Friday:
Skipper go to Crusoe's God?
Robinson Crusoe:
No. Dogs don't have mortal souls. Only men have mortal souls.
Man Friday:
Too bad. Good dog.