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Renaissance (2006)

In 2054, Paris is a labyrinth where all movement is monitored and recorded. Casting a shadow over everything is the city's largest company, Avalon, which insinuates itself into every aspect of contemporary life to sell its primary export -- youth and beauty. In this world of stark contrasts and rigid laws the populace is kept in line and accounted for.

The Musketeer 2001
The Musketeer (2001)

Set on the streets of 17th century Paris, series gives a contemporary take on the classic story about a group of highly trained soldiers and bodyguards assigned to protect King and country.

Quartier lointain 2010
Quartier lointain (2010)

A grown man wakes up to discover he is a teenager again.

Fortress 2 2000
Fortress 2 (2000)

7 years after the original Fortress movie, Brennick and his family are still on the run from the Men-tel corporation. A group of rebels attempt to gain his support but he refuses, wanting ... See full summary »

Dog Soldiers 2002
Dog Soldiers (2002)

A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.

George and the Dragon 2004
George and the Dragon (2004)

A knight returning from the Crusades takes on a dragon and becomes a legend.

Chasseurs de dragons 2008
Chasseurs de dragons (2008)

A fantastic tale telling the adventures of two dragon hunters!

The Merchant of Venice 2004
The Merchant of Venice (2004)

In 16th-century Venice, Bassanio (Joseph Fiennes) hopes to wed Portia (Lynn Collins). But to have a chance at winning her hand in marriage, he needs to have a lot of money -- a critical resource he lacks. And because Bassanio\'s rich friend Antonio (Jeremy Irons) is unable to help, he\'s forced to make a deadly deal with pitiless moneylender Shylock (Al Pacino). Bassanio will get his money -- and without paying interest. If he doesn\'t pay it back, however, he will owe Shylock a pound of his flesh.

Diamant 13 2009
Diamant 13 (2009)

A cop goes up against his lifelong friend, who has become one of the city's biggest drug traffickers.

Universalove 2008
Universalove (2008)

Love happens. Love takes place. Strange love. True love. Crazy love. Desperate Love. Everywhere. Every moment.

Kevin of the North 2001
Kevin of the North (2001)

A man must participate in the Iditarod dog race across Alaska to inherit property from his legendary grandfather, but ends up getting much more than he bargained for.

Ne te retourne pas 2009
Ne te retourne pas (2009)

A psychodrama about a photographer whose pictures tell a different story to that of her perception.

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Feardotcom (2002)

Four bodies are found in New York City. Why, why, why? The coincidence? They all died 48 hours after logging on to a site named Tough detective Mike Reilly collaborates with... See full summary »

Shadow of the Vampire 2000
Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

The filming of Nosferatu is hampered by the fact that the star is taking his role far more seriously than what seems humanly possible.

Rescue Dawn 2006
Rescue Dawn (2006)

A US Fighter pilot's epic struggle of survival after being shot down on a mission over Laos during the Vietnam War.

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Les enfants de Timpelbach (2008)

The children of a small European mountain village end up being its only residents, soon after the adults cannot take their behavior any longer.

Virgin Territory 2007
Virgin Territory (2007)

Young Florentines take refuge from the black plague and engage in bawdy adventures and lusty exchanges.

The Congress 2013
The Congress (2013)

We recap the 2013 International UFO Congress. We also talk about UFO photos taken by actor Russell Crowe. That, and other space and UFO news.

Girl with a Pearl Earring 2003
Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)

A young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer becomes his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works.

Möbius 2013
Möbius (2013)

A Russian secret service officer in Monaco keeps an eye on Alice (Cécile de France), an undercover agent. He breaks the rules and contacts Alice during her mission, and an intense passion arises between them.

A Good Woman 2004
A Good Woman (2004)

While retaining her secret identity, the illustrious Mrs. Erlynne (Hunt) saves Lady Windemere (Johansson) from making a grand social faux-pas with the scoundrelly Lord Darlington (Moore).

An American Werewolf in Paris 1997
An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)

An American man unwittingly gets involved with French werewolves who have developed a serum allowing them to transform at will.

Hysteria 2010
Hysteria (2010)

To celebrate their 10th year high school reunion, a group of twenty-somethings throw an intimate house party to celebrate the event. However, when one of the group accidentally kills another with no explanation. As more brutalities occur, could this be the work of the individuals themselves or possessions by \"The Walker\"?

JCVD 2008
JCVD (2008)

Weary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean-Claude Van Damme) returns to Belgium to find relief from his troubles but instead stumbles into a bank robbery.

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More (1969)

An American girl (Mimsy Farmer) introduces a German boy (Klaus Grunberg) to heroin and LSD on Ibiza.

Song of the Sea 2014
Song of the Sea (2014)

Saoirse, a little girl who can turn into a seal, goes on an adventure with her brother to save the spirit world and other magical beings like her.

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8 ½ Women (1999)

Following the death of a mother, a father and son open up a brothel in their Genevan estate after watching 8½ (1963).

Belle du Seigneur 2012
Belle du Seigneur (2012)

English-language adaptation of Albert Cohen's epic Swiss tale of a tortured love affair between a high-ranking Jewish official and the protestant wife of one of his employees.

Nuit blanche 2011
Nuit blanche (2011)

A cop with a connection to the criminal underworld finds his secret life exposed when he and his partner are caught stealing cocaine from a powerful drug dealer, a move that puts his son's life in jeopardy.